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Jim Wilson

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Jim Wilson [Visitor]

I fucked Pattaya porn sensation Thainee the other day. I met her inside Marine Disco on Walking Street. That small bitch is pretty tight and dumb as a blone. Just a great lay and well worth 3000 Baht of compensation for her time. I wish my American wife would be hot like a Pattaya babe.

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Brandon Gonzales

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Brandon Gonzales [Visitor]

I have seen most of those Asian porn sites. I always thought the girls were professional models or amateurs. It’s a very big surprise for me to hear they are Pattaya bargirls and other hookers from Thailand. Thanks for the information. If I ever make it to the Pattaya agogo bars I will make sure to bring a camcorder along to make my own movies :-P

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Pattaya Girls

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Pattaya Girls [Visitor]

Is it just me or does this guy look like famous American porn star Ron Jereme.

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bir devinder singh

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bir devinder singh [Visitor]

I am found of thailand ladyboys. Hopefully visit thailand between 15 june, 2010 to 15 july, 2010. I want some best lady boy and their rates per night or per strock.

please guide me if u can.

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Andy [Visitor]

Thanks for including us in this blog, I will return the favour. We are aware of the lack of info and have now added a customer comments section to each bars page to try and rectify that.

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tomcat77 [Visitor]

Great site here! A lot of informations!



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Ken [Visitor]

I like Thailand and Pattaya

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In response to: Walking Street Girls

mohanherle [Visitor]

Excellent video clip giving a fair picture of the place replacing thousands of words

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In response to: Soi 6 Report

Rupert [Visitor]

Thanks for the nice images from Soi Yodsak. Brings back memories of horny afternoons with sexy bargirls.

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In response to: Club Boesche

Rupert [Visitor]

hehehe, decadence is an understatement for Club Boesche. I guess their chicks are just much more wild than in other clubs. The feel of the club is cool and I like it, but the bargirls could be a bit more friendly and accommodating imho.

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Dodda [Visitor]

Horney looking for tightpussy

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